Creating a Gate


This task shows you how to create a gate on the molded part.
  1. Put InjectionSide into NoShow mode and ensure that the MoldedPart is in Show mode.

  2. Click Add Gate .

  3. Select On Curve as the Point type and select the PartingLine around the part in the viewer.

  4. Click OK to confirm the location of the gate. 

  5. The gate definition dialog box is displayed.
    Click the catalog icon to open the catalog browser,
    double-click Side type, then select the Round type.

  6. The following gate definition dialog box is displayed:

    Keep the parameters:

    • Side Round Type, stamped in the Core,

    • with a length of 1.5 mm and a section of 0.5 mm radius.

    Note that you can see the preview of the gate on the part if you zoom in. 
  7. Click OK to create the gate.
    Note that a GateBody has been added to the MoldedPart in the specification tree.