Defining the Mold Base

This task shows you how to create and define a mold base.
  1. Select the Insert>MoldBase Components >Mold Plates command from the main menu bar or
    Click directly Create a New Mold in the tool bar.
    A dialog box is displayed for you to define the parameters of the mold base to be created:

    Simultaneously, the outline of a mold base is displayed on the part.

  2. Click the catalog icon to open the catalog browser.

  3. Double-click Dme to select the supplier.
    Scroll down to line 37 and double-click the  reference N3035 in the table.

  4. When the main dialog box is redisplayed, click the design table icon for the Cavity.
    The design table of a plate is used to define the dimensions of the plate.
    Here we want to define thickness of the CavityPlate.

  5. Choose configuration 1319 in the dialog box that is displayed.

  6. Click OK to validate your choice then repeat this step for the Core.
    The outline of the mold base is displayed with a different color for each plate. 

  7. Click OK in the 'Create a new mold' dialog box for final validation of the mold base.
    The mold base is created.


Note that the mold feature is created in the position and orientation of the molded part
and is indicated in the specification tree.

Do not hesitate to change the Render Style according to your working preferences.