Generating the Bill of Material

This task shows you how to generate the bill of material for your project.
  1. Open file MoldWithMoldedPartAndComponents.CATPoduct in the sample/MoldAndPart directory.

  2. Select the product, then the Analyze, Bill of Material menu. The dialog box is displayed:

  3. Click the Define Formats button to select the fields you want in your bill of material, i.e. the Displayed properties:

    • Quantity (number of items),
    • Part Number (the name of the part),
    • Nomenclature (supplier reference),
    • Product Description (name of the supplier),
    • Material (name of the material),
    • HeatTreat (type of heat treatment),
    • and Source (whether the item was made, bought or unknown).
  4. To do so, select the lines you want to remove from the Displayed properties list.
    Click >| to send them to the Hidden properties list.
    Then select the lines in the Hidden properties list that you want to send to the Displayed properties and click |<.

    Click OK when your selection is satisfactory.

    The Bill Of Material tab now looks like this:

  5. Click Save as ... to select the directory where you want to save your bill of material.

  6. You can modify the properties of a component by selecting it in the specification tree, selecting Properties in its contextual menu, going to the Product tab and choosing the value you want for your component's source.