Drilling Components

This task shows you how to drill a hole for a cap screw in a locating ring. 
  • You can choose any component you wish to be drilled by any other. 
  • You can drill holes for a list of several drilling components in one shot.
  • You can drill a newly added component (Component to Drill) by a previously existing Cooling System (Drilling Components).
Open file MoldWithMoldedPartAndComponents.CATProduct in the samples/MoldAndPart directory.
  1. Hide MoldedPart, EjectionSide and EjectorSystem

  2. Expand the InjectionSide in the tree. Hide everything but LocatingRing_RB4_1 and ClampingPlate and recall CapScrew_M_1 from the NoShow to see its position. 

  3. Hide the CapScrew. Note that there is no screw hole in the locating ring.

  4. Now hide the locating ring. Note that there is a screw hole in the clamping plate.

  5. Now re-display the locating ring and the cap screw.

  6. Select Tools > Drill Component.

  7. In the dialog box that is displayed, choose the locating ring as the Component to Drill and the cap screw as the drilling component.

  8. Click OK. A DrillHoleCapScrew_M_1.1 element has been added in the PartBody under LocatingRing_RB4_1.

  9. Hide the cap screw to see that the hole has been drilled.

  • You can enter a list of drilling components in the Drilling Components field, by picking them either in the viewer or in the specification tree:
  • Each element picked is taken into account once in the list. Picking one element twice does not remove it from the list.

  • You can edit this list:

    • Select one or several drilling component(s) and Click the Delete Selection button to remove this selection from the list.

    • You can now select another component to be added to the list.

  The With Tap hole option creates a hole with a thread for the screw whereas the With Drill hole option simply creates the hole.
Threads use the norm ISO 965-2. If you need to use a norm other than ISO 965-2, please refer to Reusing Values Already Defined in a File in Creating Threads and Taps in the Part Design User's Guide.