Linking your Catalog to Another

This task shows you how to link  one of your own catalogs to another so that the contents of you catalog can be seen when you open the other one.
  1. Open the UserComponent.catalog  in the downloaddirectory/OS/startup/components/MoldCatalog directory (where downloaddirectory is the directory where you downloaded the application).

  2. Open the MyComponents.catalog file that you created in the previous chapter (or if you didn't, open the MyComponents.catalog file in the samples/catalog directory).

  3. Click the UserComponent.catalog window and then click the Add link to other catalog icon .

  4. In the MyComponents.catalog, select the MyComponents chapter. You can now access your catalog components from the UserComponent.catalog.

  5. Save the UserComponent.catalog file with File > Save in the directory of your choice.