Adding a Plate to a Mold  

This task shows you how to add a plate to a mold.
There are several restrictions concerning the manipulation (notably when copying, pasting, deleting, dragging and dropping) of components and drilled CATParts. Click here for more information.
  1.  Click the Create a New Mold icon  . Click OK.

  2. Click Add Mold Plate .

  3. In the dialog box, choose UpperBar for the Configuration Type.
    Note that the only types of plates that you can choose are those that are not already included in the current mold.

    The Positioning tab gives you information on the location of the plate you have selected:
    • its position (origin X,Y,Z)
    • its position with respect of the plate above or below
    • its position in the mold (InjectionSide, EjectionSide, EjectorSystem).

    You cannot modify any of these parameters.

    The Parameters tab allows you to change the thickness, width and length values. 
    You can also extend the width and length of some plates (usually ClampingPlate and SettingPlate) beyond the mold itself.
  4. Click OK. The UpperBar is added to the mold.

All plates have a specific position in the mold. These positions cannot be changed.