Creating a Standard Mold Base 

This task shows you how to create a mold base from a catalog.
Open the Snap.CATProduct from the Snap directory in the samples directory.

Display the xy, yz and zx planes (using Hide/Show in their contextual menu) and compare this axis system with that of the main pulling direction of the part (in orange). You can see they are different.

  1. Click Create a new mold . The Create a new mold dialog box is displayed, and the mold is pre-visualized around the molded part.

Note that the pre-visualization is done into the molded part position and orientation.
  1. In the New Mold dialog box, click the catalog icon to access the catalog browser.
    The mold pre-visualization is erased and the catalog browser is displayed.

  2. Double-click the name of the supplier you want to select (Dme, Eoc, Hasco, etc.) to visualize a pre-display of the mold base in the top right window.

Note that a rectangle is displayed in the viewer showing you the width and the length of the reference you have selected.
  1. Double-click a reference to revert to the first dialog box of the dialog box to customize it, if necessary.

  2. Click OK to create the mold. The molded part has been snapped in the right orientation and
    located in a middle position between cavity and core plates.

  • By default, the mold is created in the axis system of the main pulling direction. You could have picked another axis system to orient the molded part.
  • The InjectionSide, the EjectionSide and the EjectorSystem are now created as CATProducts. This way, they can be edited separately.