Defining Rigid Joints

This task describes how to define a rigid joint between the Shaft part and the CTable_Rigid part. Once this revolute joint is defined, the table rotates with the Shaft part.
Open the V4Axis_Machine_With_Rigid_Joint.CATProduct file from the  online/mtbug_C2/samples/V5/4Axis Machine directory.  Because other procedures have descriptions of how to create new machines, and define fixed parts, these steps do not need to be done on this data, although these operations need to be performed when you define a rigid joint for your own data.
  1. On the Machine Building toolbar, click Rigid Joint .

    The Joint Creation Rigid dialog box appears.
    creatingfixedpart01.gif (10474 bytes)
  2. In the Joint Name field, enter CTableOnShaft.

  3. From the specification tree, select Shaft part for Part 1 and select CTable_Rigid to define Part 2

  4. Click OK.

    The machine kinematics definition for a four axis machine is now complete.  The table is fixed to a rotating shaft by means of a rigid joint; the specification tree appears below.
    creatingfixedpart01.gif (10474 bytes)