Synchronize Operations for Multi-Turret Machining

task target This step shows how to impose a synchronization between the two machining operations.
Capability to set synchronizations between operations for multi-turret machining. Several synchronization positions are available:
  • Start
  • After approach macro (Turning operations)
  • Before retract macro (Turning operations)
  • End.

Advantages are:

  • Synchronizations are persistent to program changes
  • Program time optimization
  • Avoids incompatible operations executing at the same time.
scenario 1. Click Create Synchronization in the Synchronization Management toolbar.
2. Select the External Roughing operation then the Drilling operation in the PPR tree.
3. In the Synchronization Editor that appears, set the synchronization position for the Upper Turret to Before retract macro.

  4. Select the Master Turret for NC output.
  5. Click OK to confirm the synchronization.
  • When creating or editing a synchronization and then quitting the dialog box by means of the Cancel button, the new or edited synchronization still remains. The Cancel button does not restore the synchronization state before either the create or edit action.
  • When a synchronized machining operation is cut or copied then pasted, the pasted operation is not synchronized.

end of task