Sequencing Mechanisms with Laws

The sequence integration allows to follow on or to play simultaneously several mechanisms (if the mechanisms can be simulated with laws).

Various tools are available:

First, the Gantt Chart command allows you to see the sequence as a Gant Chart. It is also possible to convert a Simulation object to a Sequence, to convert a Sequence to a Replay or to export a Sequence as an AVI File.

This task shows you how to simulate a mechanism with laws within a sequence

Open the MECHANISM_SEQUENCE.CATProduct document 

  1. Select Use_Sensors.1\Mechanism.1

  2. Click Player in the DMU Player toolbar, undock it if necessary using the arrow.

    The Player is displayed 

  3. Use the Play forward button to simulate your mechanism.

  4. Click Skip to Begin.

  5. Click Play Forward again.

  6. Repeat from Step 2 selecting this time, Use_Sensors.2\Mechanism.1

  7. Now you want to sequence the two mechanisms. Click the Sequence icon

    Sequencing aims at defining a time frame within which the actions are scheduled. 
    Two sequencing modes are available:
    • Simultaneous mode: actions start together

    • Consecutive mode: actions start right one after the other

    The Edit Sequence dialog box is displayed:





  9. Select Use_Sensors.1\Mechanism.1Use_Sensors.2\Mechanism.1 in the action in session list and click .
    The two actions are scheduled in simultaneous mode.

    n fact, you want to play the two mechanisms in consecutive mode (one action starting after the other)

  10. Select Use_Sensors.2\Mechanism.1 in the action in Sequence list and click Move Down.

  11. Now run your sequence using the Player still displayed. You are not satisfied with the time step:

    Let's customize the Player parameters 
  12. Click Parameters .The Player Parameters dialog box is displayed:

  13. Set sampling step to 0.2 s

Each motion is replayed one after the other in the order they were scheduled.

You can select one of the loop modes to re-run the simulation in a continuous way (either in one direction only or in one direction then the other).