Reading a V4 Route in a V5 Session

This task shows how to read a V4 route (track +shuttle) in DMU Fitting V5.

When inserting a V4 model in V5 product, if the model contains V4 routes and shuttles, the routes and shuttles will be read. 

They will be selectable in the navigation tree under the *MASTER container.

A copy/paste operation from the V4 Master container to the V5 Tracks container will convert the V4 Routes in V5 tracks.

A V4 Route is the association of: 1 Shuttle, 1 Home position and n Trajectories.

A V5 Track is the association of: 1 Shuttle or 1 Product, and 1 Trajectory.

The conversion will concatenate the positions in the V4 Home and Trajectories to generate a single V5 path.

Insert the following  .model files in the samples folder:
  • FITTING_DATA.model
  • FUEL_TUBE.model
  • SUPPORT_BEAM.model
  1. In the specification tree where the Version 4 model is displayed, select the item you wish to copy into the Fitting Simulator Version 5.

In our example, expand FITTING_DATA and *MASTER items and multi-select 


  1. Put the data you have selected in the clipboard. To do this, either click the Copy icon, select the Edit>Copy command or select the Copy command in the contextual menu.

  1. Select Application in the specification tree.

  1. Now either click the Paste icon, select the Edit>Paste command or select the Paste command in the contextual menu.

This operation recovers the data previously put in the clipboard. The result appears as shown below:

  1. Open the READ_V4_ROUTE.CATProduct to check your result

  1. For instance, select 1- BEAM REMOVAL in the specification tree and click the Player icon . Simulate the track using the DMU player buttons: