Converting Version 4 Kinematics Data into Kinematics Version 5 Data

This task shows how to convert CATIA Version 4 kinematics data into DMU Kinematics Simulator Version 5.Data
Insert  the KIN_EX17* .model files from the samples folder.
If you work with the Cache System, please make sure you are in Design mode (select Edit>Representations>Design Mode.). For more detailed information, please refer to the DMU Navigator User Guide - Task: Viewing the Cache Content.
The following task shows how kinematics data are pasted from an existing Version 4 model to an existing Version 5 document alongside V5  data. You can also insert the V4 data into a new Version 5 document.
  1. Open the model containing the kinematics mechanism. Open the Kinematics Simulator workbench if necessary.

The model containing the kinematics mechanism should only be a stick model (that is, Wireframe plus the definition of the mechanism).
  1. In the specification tree or in the geometry area where the Version 4 kinematics model is displayed, select the mechanism you wish to copy into the Kinematics Simulator Version 5. In our example, select KIN_EX_00_F1_ACTIVE and LANDING GEAR.

  2. You can also use the drag &drop capability.

  3. Put the data you have selected in the clipboard. To do this, either click the Copy icon, select the Edit>Copy command or select the Copy command in the contextual menu.

  4. Select Application in the specification tree.

  5. Now either click the Paste icon, select the Edit>Paste command or select the Paste command in the contextual menu.

    This operation recovers the data previously put in the clipboard.

You may want to click the Fit All In icon   to fit all data in the window.

Click on the symbol next to Applications to see its components (Mechanisms > Landing Gear > Joints,...).

The dress up is maintained when you perform a copy/paste within the same document as it is the case below:

Note that the toolbars change depending on whether a Version 4 model or a DMU Kinematic Version 5 document is selected. The result should look something like this: V4 laws are converted in a V5 mechanism.

Kinematics Simulator fully supports V4 mechanisms (2D/3D) conversion into 3D mechanisms 
version 5.

What About the Elements You Convert?

To make sure the elements you need to handle in your session are those you expected, here is a list presenting the CATIA V4 Kinematics data supported when converted into a Kinematics Version 5 document:

V4 to V5 Migration

As Result

SPACE Elements - 2D / 3D Kinematics
Mechanism Structure
2D / 3D


Mechanism V5 Mechanism
Joint V5 Joint
Revolute joint Revolute joint
Actuator joint Cylindrical joint
PT/PT Spherical joint
Planar Planar joint
Prismatic Prismatic
Rigid Rigid
Roll/CRV Roll/CRV
Slid/CRV Slid/CRV
U joint U joint
Gear Gear
Rack Rack
Cable Cable
Screw Screw
Command V5 Command
fix V5 fixed part
model CATProduct
set sub-product + associated part

Geometry contained in the set

V4 dressup

V5 Dressup

numerical (angle/distances) equivalent functionality (no conversion)
speed, acceleration are not converted
traces (swept volume) equivalent functionality ( no conversion)
clashes equivalent functionality ( no conversion)
distances equivalent functionality ( no conversion)
numeric laws Knowledgeware rules
geometrical laws are not converted