This task shows you how the V4 Split entity is copied As Result into CATIA V5.
Open the document SPLIT_FACE.model in CATIA V5.
  1. Copy / Paste AS RESULT the V4 document into a CATPart.

  2. And update the new V5 CATIA document:

You can visualize the model's geometry but you cannot modify it. You are however able to add new entities such as Fillet or Chamfer, etc...

  1. Apply a Check AS RESULT on the .model only when you notice that an entity cannot be pasted.

  2. Apply a Check AS SPEC on the V4 solid. The Check validity dialog box appears:

All the primitives can be transferred into CATIA V5.

  1. Copy / Paste AS SPEC the Model into a CATPart.

  2. And update your document:

You have access to the model's geometry and specifications. Therefore, you can now modify the V5 CATPart document.

The Split's specifications can be transferred into CATIA V5 only if the SKD has no link with an external model. Therefore, there is an exception: if the SKD has an external Reference with another model.
To sum up:
  V4 to V5 Migration
SPACE Elements
Unary Operations
Fillet Edge Constant Constant Fillet
Fillet  Edge Variable Variable Fillet
Fillet Tritangent Tritangent Fillet
Fillet Rolling Edge Fillet Keep Edge
Thickness Thickness
Draft Draft
Draft two pulling directions 2 Drafts created
Draft Reflect Line
> Keep Face
Draft Reflect Line
> Keep Face
Shell Shell
Chamfer Chamfer
Transfor Mirror Mirror
Transfor Scaling Scaling
Translation Translate Rectangular Pattern
Transfor Rotation Circular Pattern
Split Split
Sewing Sewing