This task shows you how different Axes or trihedrons (Reference Axis and Relative Axis) are copied using the option CATIA_SPEC into CATIA V5.
Open the document TEST_AXIS.model in CATIA V5. Slightly turn the geometry elements to be able to see 4 axes.
This model contains 4 axes:
  • 1 Reference Axis: *AXS4,
  • 3 Relative Axes (fixed and unfixed trihedrons): *AXS1, *AXS2, *AXS3.
  1. Apply a Check AS SPEC on the .model.

  2. Copy and Paste Special the Model into another CATPart document using the CATIA_SPEC option and update your document to compute the geometry.

Axis System.2 corresponds to the Reference Axis *AXS4. The Relative Axes (fixed and unfixed axes) have been migrated into: Axis System.1, Axis System.3 and Axis System.4 in CATIA V5.

You have access to the model's geometry and specifications. Therefore, you can now modify each feature of the V5 CATPart document. Double-click an axis in the Specification Tree or in the Geometry space and the following dialog box appears:

You can modify the axis parameters in CATIA V5.

To sum up :

V4 to V5 Migration

SPACE Elements
Axis (Reference Axes, Relative Axes) Axis or Trihedron
Cuboid Pad/Pocket
Cylinder Pad/Pocket
Sphere Shaft / Groove
Cone Shaft / Groove
Torus Shaft / Groove
Revolution Shaft / Groove
Prism Pad / Pocket
Pipe - Center Curve Rib / Slot
Pyramid Solid Datum
Sweep Rib / Slot
Sweep Spine Solid Datum
3D Sweep Rib / Slot
Sweep Until Solid Datum
Sweep non close Solid Datum
Offset Thick Surface
Close Close
Project Solid Datum
Volume Solid Datum
Import (with MML link) Solid Datum
Not Supported Primitive Solid Datum (if the solid is smart)