V4/V5 SheetMetal Data Migration

This task explains how to convert data from a CATIA V4 sheetmetal model into a CATIA V5 sheetmetal part.
Open the MigratingModelV4.model document in CATIA V4 from the Samples directory.
  1. In your CATIA V4 session, use the Merge option in the Solid function to merge the whole model into one solid.

  2. Save the changes.

  3. Open your V4 model in a CATIA V5 session.

  4. Right-click the *MASTER and select Copy from the contextual menu.

  5. Open a new .CATPart document in the SheetMetal Design workbench using the New > Part commands from the File menu bar.

  6. Right-click Part1 and select Paste from the contextual menu.

    Here is the result:

    Now you need to recognize the thin part shapes of the part as it was created from a CATIA Version 4 Solid for example.
    Walls, bends, cutouts, corner relieves are recognized.

  7. Click the Walls Recognition icon .

  8. Select the solid in the 3D geometry.
    The Walls Recognition Definition dialog box displays.

  9. Select Part body recognition so that the whole solid is processed and walls are created wherever possible.

  • The Reference wall is indicated in the Walls Recognition Definition dialog box for information only (it is dimmed).

  • The Generate Bends check button allows the automatic creation of bends as the walls are being created, wherever applicable.
  1. Click OK to generate the features.

If the case certain features cannot be recognized, or there is a tolerance problem , you can manually complete the part.