Automatic Transfer of a Version 4 Detail Comment into a Version 5 CATProduct or CATPart (during a V4 to V5 Migration)

This task shows you how the transfer of a CATIA V4 Detail comment into CATIA Version 5 automatically operates during a V4 to V5 Migration and how you can have access to it in CATIA Version 5.
Open the document: DETAIL_WITH_COMMENT.model in CATIA Version 5.

This model contains a Detail (SPHERE) with a comment and 4 Dittos.

The maximum length of a V4 comment is 70 characters per line.

When you save a Model with a Detail in CATIA V4, the comment you have added to the Detail is kept in memory.


    After a migration, the .model turned into a CATProduct:  And the Detail (SPHERE) into a CATPart:
The comment is saved on the highest level of a document : on a CATProduct or a CATPart, but not on a CATDrawing. In our example, the Detail comment is saved in a CATPart. In the CATProduct, there are 4 instances of the CATPart which corresponds to the V4 Dittos and you have access to the same comment within each Ditto. 

Note that the Properties dialog box is a little different but the access to this information is quite the same.

  1. Select any component of the CATProduct (SPHERE (*DIT1) for instance) and click in the contextual Menu on Edit > Properties.  

  2. Press the Product tab and the comments are in the Description field :

    Moreover, in the Properties dialog box, in the Description field you can add information or modify the content of a CATPart / CATProduct's comment, then click on OK.

  3. When closing the CATPart or CATProduct, this message appears:

    The new comment can be saved in the CATPart's properties when you close and save the document.