Evaluation of the V4 Sketch before applying Constraints

This task shows how V4 Degree tolerance is automatically calculated in order to keep the edges' specifications (smooth or sharp) in V5 and constraints can be applied on edges.
Open Sketch_Cst_2.model and create a new Part: Part1.
  1. Copy / Paste As Spec *MASTER into the CATPart (Part1).

  2. Update Part1.

  3. After the conversion, tangency is maintained because there is an evaluation of the Sketch before.

Constraints can be applied when:

  • there is a line-circle or circle-line sequence

  • and the angle in-between has a vivicity tolerance from 0.5 to 2.5 degrees

Therefore, there is an evaluation of the deformations made upon the Sketch according to the V4 vivicity tolerance (2.5) and the V5 vivicity tolerance (0.5). An edge (already smooth for CATIA V5) will not be taken into account.

For instance:

  • if the first V4 angle <=2.5 and the resulting V5 angle is >0.5, therefore vivicity is changed: it was smooth becomes sharp.

  • or if the first angle >=2.5 and the next angle is <0.5, therefore vivicity is changed: it was sharp becomes smooth. This process is called "variation" and it is not recommended to apply constraints because there are too many movings.

When there is no constraint to be applied, there is no evaluation of the sketch.