Saving a V5 Revolution Surface as a V4 Revolution Surface


This task shows you how to save a CATIA Version 5 Revolution Surface as a CATIA Version 4 Revolution Surface. A V4 Revolution Surface is created if there is a Revolution Surface in the CATPart the customer wants to save as model.

The customers, who want to use V5 Parts (with a Revolution Surface) in the V4 are all concerned, and the ones who want to transfer their V4 models to the V5 and to transfer the created Part back to the V4 are also interested.

To be correctly transferred and to keep the canonicity of the revolution surface, these conditions (represented in the screen shot below) must be checked:

  • Any point of the created surface must be in V4 validity domain and the minimum distance between any point and the axis of revolution must be lower than the double of V4 infinite tolerance.

  • The angle of rotation must be lower or equal to 2*PI and higher than 0.The angle must be higher than the V4 point tolerance divided by the maximum distance between curve and axis.

 If one of these conditions is not checked, the transfer will be done, but canonicity will be lost.