Sweep Migration Optimization

The purpose of this functionality is to improve quality for Sweep Migration (especially 3D Sweeps that can be migrated AS SPEC) from V4 to V5, by taking into account their specifications during the migration.

A Sweep is migrated as a V5 Rib (or Slot), a better representation of the original Sweep in CATIA V5.

Open the document SWEEP_surface_ref.model.


  1. Copy and Paste Special the Model into another CATPart document using the CATIA_SPEC option and update your document to compute the geometry.

Part Design offers some options for Rib/Slot creation:

  • Keep Angle

  • Reference Element (plane or surface)

With this development, some of these options will be taken into account for V4/V5 migration and will be visible in the "Rib/Slot Definition" window. Until now, the "Keep Angle" option had always been chosen by default.

However, some specifications are not taken into account:

  • sweeps with pulling direction

  1. Double-click Rib.1, for instance, to edit it and see its specifications: you can select the Reference Surface in the Rib Definition dialog box.

  2. Click OK and the Reference Surface is Surface.1.

The geometry of Rib.1 now depends on the Reference Surface (Surface.1); this reference element is re-used in CATIA V5 for the Sweep building. Therefore the migrated Solid exactly corresponds to what you had in CATIA V4, to the V4 Specifications.