Writing Axis Systems from a V5 Track to a V4 Model

This task shows how to export a V5 track definition in V4. Each V5 recorded position is exported as an Axis in one V4 model document. It is  then possible to rebuild a V4 track from these positions.

This functionality is very useful when you are designing products in CATIA V4 and reviewing your DMU in Fitting V5. You can easily retrieve information from your V5 review to perform modifications in CATIA V4.

Note:  The user needs to rebuild a route in V4 from the exported axis systems.
In the DMU Fitting Simulator workbench, open the EXPORT_V5_TRACK.CATProduct document.
  1. Double-click Track.2 in the specification tree.

  2. Click the arrow within the Clash Detection icon from the DMU Check toolbar. Undock the toolbar if necessary.

  3. Set the Clash detection to on

  4. Play your track simulation using the Player

  5. There is a collision detected at recorded position 3. You need to modify your design.

  6. Select the track.2 either in the geometry area or in the specification tree.

  7. Select  Tools>Simulation>Track File Export

    The Track File Export dialog box automatically appears:

  8. Enter a meaningful name and select .model format from the Save as Type drop-down list:

  9. Open the EXPORT_V5_TRACK.model document you have just created
    This is what you obtain:
     Note: Double-click Master node to display the specification tree

  10. In this V4 model document we selected axis system 3 (highlighted) which corresponds in the dismounting review to the position 3 where a collision was detected.
    You are now ready to modify your design using this information.

Remember though:

No V4 Fitting entities are created.

V4 tracks do not exactly share the same behaviors with V5 tracks (such as interpolation, etc.).