Capability to identify a Model from CATIA V5

This task shows you that it is possible to know that a model has been created in CATIA V5.

When V4 models are created in V5 by the Save As Model functionality, they have a version flag (like every model built in V4).

Permanent identification of a .model coming from V5

Previously, any V4 utility overwrote this flag with its V4 level. When models were used in a V4 batch, the CATIA version of this batch replaced the version flag of the model. So it was impossible to know that a model was coming from CATIA V5. Now in CATIA V5, we will add a new information on the model, to keep the building version: the flag is kept even if a 4 utility is used.

Therefore, information will be added to models during the Save As Model operation in CATIA V5. To access to this information, a V4 code integration has to be done. So a V4 PTF should be installed to support this capability.

You can convert any CATPart document into a V4 model. Interactive "save as model" or CATV5ToV4 batch can be used. New information will be added to the created model. To get this additional information on the created version, a V4 CATGEO will be used.


  • helps the customer to track the data coming from V5
  • allows the customization of the model checks if a .model has been done in V4 or in V5.