ENOVIA and CATIA Solutions in a Nutshell

ENOVIA V5 VPM and CATIA Solutions allow customers to implement their digital enterprise, thus creating and simulating the entire product life cycle from initial concept to product in service.

ENOVIA V5 VPM and CATIA Solutions support industry-specific business processes to help creativity and innovation, reduce development cycle time, improve quality, competitiveness and shareholder value: CATIA supports the digital product definition (3D Design) and simulation and ENOVIA V5 VPM delivers enterprise solutions that manage corporate knowledge of the digital product, processes and resources, and allow collaboration or virtual data management.

It offers numerous integration features which make seamless hybrid installations possible, involving both applications from CATIA Version 4 and Version 5 and applications from ENOVIA V5 VPM, while benefiting from data compatibility between the two product lines.

The combined integration creates the Digital Product life cycle pipeline, supporting reuse of corporate knowledge. Indeed, customers can store 3D data designed in CATIA into ENOVIA and navigate from ENOVIA V5 VPM to CATIA to modify components properties, associate/remove geometrical representations to/from the components.

ENOVIA and CATIA are 3D PLM brands delivering the means for product creation (the "what"), for digital manufacturing ("the how"), as well as for collaboration and lifecycle management with collaborative workspaces.

Precisely, 3D PLM enables customers to optimize their business processes for Engineering, Manufacturing, Maintenance & Support using collaborative workspaces to share a common product, process, and resource model (PPR). PPR allows companies to capture, exchange and reuse knowledge throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Collaborative workplaces provide customers with a unique environment that enables enterprise members to connect and interact real-time using the power of 3D, and to share a common, "in-work" digital mock-up of the products, processes, and resources. The ENOVIA 3dcom delivers collaborative workspaces and decision-support capabilities with an extended access to ENOVIA virtual product modeling and lifecycle applications as well as SMARTEAM for full supply chain integration. The integration of ENOVIA V5 VPM and CATIA is a direct consequence of the 3D PLM open PPR hub technology.

Before Reading this Guide

Before handling the different aspects of ENOVIA V5 VPM / CATIA interoperability , you should know some basic rules for each brand. You will see these details in CATIA User's Guides (Infrastructure and Assembly Design for instance), ENOVIA PORTAL User's Guides (3dcom User's Guide and DMU Navigator) and ENOVIA V5 VPM User's Guides (Business Reporting Hub and PPR Hub).

Accessing Sample Documents

To perform the scenarios, you will be using sample documents contained in the online/prtug/samples folder. When samples belong to capabilities common to different products, those samples will be found in the online/cfyug/samples folder.
For more information about this, refer to Accessing Sample Documents in the Infrastructure User's Guide.

Conventions Used in this Guide

To learn more about the conventions used in this guide, refer to the Conventions section.