How to do an Optimal CATIA PLM usability for Safe Save in ENOVIA V5 VPM from CATIA V5

The objective of the Optimal CATIA PLM usability for Safe Save is to prevent the user from building / editing data in CATIA V5 if they are not supported / saved in ENOVIA V5 VPM. Therefore, in interoperability mode, some CATIA V5 commands are dimmed or unavailable in some workbenches. And in some cases, rules are applied to restricted commands.

Please refer to the applications' User Guides explaining the commands that are not supported or under restriction in interoperability context.

Note: in order to achieve an Optimal CATIA PLM usability, the Save In ENOVIA V5 dialog box restricts the choices of the user regarding Save options. For more information about Saving options, please refer to Saving an ENOVIA V5 VPM Document from CATIA V5.