Fixing Broken Routables

This task shows you how to fix - or rejoin - routables in which segments have become separated. In the illustration below, the dotted line - the broken routable indicator - shows that a run has become separated at that point.

You can re-join the run in one of several ways, depending on the nature of the break and your requirements. The methods are as follows:

1. Bring up the Definition dialog box for the run, then place the mouse pointer over the broken routable indicator and click the right mouse button. This will display a pop-up menu. Click Create Segment.
2. Bring up the Definition dialog box, then drag one of the segment handles to re-join the run.
3. Bring up the Definition dialog box. An arrow will display at each end of the broken routable indicator. Drag one of the arrows (depending on circumstances)  to re-join the run. In the illustration below, one segment of the run has been moved to connect to the portion of the run still connected to the pump.

4. In certain cases you will see the Auto Route option beneath the Create Segment option in the pop-up menu (See Step 1). This happens when a segment connecting two parallel routables (which are on different X-Y planes) is broken.
  • Select Auto Route. The Auto Route dialog box will display.

  • Click the Toggle Next Solution  button . Options for re-joining the run will be shown as a dotted line.
  • Click OK to make your selection.