Routing at an Offset of a Routable

This task shows you how to route a run at an offset of a routable. This function allows you to create a run parallel to an existing run a defined distance apart.
1. Click the Create an Offset Route button .
2. Select a segment of the run to which you want an offset. The compass is placed on the segment.
3. The direction in which the Z axis of the compass is pointed determines where the new run will be placed: you can place the new run or runs to the inside, to the outside or stacked on top of the existing run by adjusting the compass.
4. Enter your options in the Run dialog box.
5. Click either the Constant Radius or Constant Clearance button. If you click the Constant Radius button the radius of the turns will be maintained but the offset distance will vary. If you click the Constant Clearance button the offset distance will be maintained but the radius of the turns will change. Click OK. The new runs will be created.

A negative offset may be entered to offset in the opposite direction to the compass Z direction.

In the illustration below the runs have been created with the Constant Clearance option.