ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) This Resets the manikin's angular limitations settings.
If segments are selected, the Reset dialog box will show only the angular limitations related to these segments. Furthermore, selecting or deselecting segments on the manikin while the Reset dialog box is opened will update the multi-list by adding or removing information.

If no segments are selected, the dialog box will be empty until you make a selection. It is also important to know that all changes made in the Reset window will only be applied when the OK button will be pressed. Otherwise, no changes will be made.

A manikin must be created or imported to complete the following procedures.

Resetting DOF angular limitations

  1. Select the Reset angular limitations

  2. The Reset angular limitations... dialog box appears.

  3. Select the segment, and the information appears in the dialog box.


  4. Select the segment(s) to reset, select the Reset button, and OK.