Angular Limitations Undo/Redo

This procedure describes how to use the Undo/Redo feature with angular limitations. Undo/Redo allows you to reverse (cancel) the last angular limitation parameters applied to the manikin.


Select the Undo in the Standard toolbar.

The images below show the state of a manikin after applying the Undo command to a particular set of angular parameters.

Initial angular limitations

New angular limitations applied

Undo command applied



This repeats the last cancelled action. Select the Redo in the main menu toolbar to execute Redo

A Redo operation can also be undone. For example, you can restore the last angular limitation parameters by invoking Undo

Redo applied

Undo applied

In the current version of the Human Posture Analysis product, the angular limitations Undo/Redo applies to the following operations:
  • Applying a set of angular limitations from a catalog