Using Anthropometric Descriptions  

ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) The Human Measurements Editor enables you to add descriptions about the manikin's anthropometry or about an anthropometric variable. This is a convenient way for you to keep a history on the variables and to determine where, when and why they have been modified.

Create or modify a Description

  1. Select the Adds a Description to a manikin object in the Anthropometry Editor toolbar.  Select a manikin.

  2. The description window is displayed. You can add to or modify any information in the description. When you are done, select OK to save the description with the anthropometry.


Create a description on a particular variable

  1. To create a description on a particular variable, select the anthropometric variable (click the corresponding arrow).

  2. Select the Adds a Description to a manikin object  on the Anthropometry Editor toolbar.

  3. The Description window is displayed. Notice that the window title now contains a variable's name.