Interpolation Management

ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) This task describes how to select the type of interpolation needed to calculate the anthropometric variables.
  1. Select the Interpolation from the Anthropometry Editor toolbar.

  2. The Interpolation dialog box appears. There are two ways to calculate variables:

    • Multinormal
      This is the default mode of calculation. This mode allows you to modify one variable while taking into consideration:
      • all the correlation between variables and
      • limit values for each variable.

      These limitations are defined according to the percentage of accommodation selected by you. When this mode is selected, the manikins created will realistically exist in the target population. After selecting the desired percentage of accommodation, the boundary value will be automatically updated.

      This mode also allows you to generate boundary manikins in order to accurately achieve the accommodation of the target population.

    • None
      As its name suggests, this mode removes all the limitations on the variable values. If there is no database available for your specific needs, this mode can be used to generate manikins that are not included in the current population. For example, if there is no database available on pregnant women, you can generate these women by removing the limitations of the current database.

Be careful when using this mode; not only can you generate manikins not included in the target population, but you can generate manikins that are totally unrealistic. Be aware that impossible manikins will not necessarily look unrealistic.