Placing a Hanger at an Angle to Another

This task shows you how to place a hanger at an angle to another hanger.



1. With your document open, click the Place Hanger button and then select the Turn tab in the Hanger Placement dialog box that displays.

2. In the Instances field, click the up or down arrow to select a value of 1 or more. You can also enter a value.

In the Bend Radius field, enter a length.

In the Angle field, enter the desired angle. Select a hanger.

The image below results when you enter 3 Instances, 1500mm as the Bend Radius, and 60 degrees as the Angle.

3. The image below is a result of changing the Bend Radius to 500mm and the Angle to 30 degrees.

4. You can select the U Axis or V Axis (positive or negative) instead of the W Axis (used in the above examples) to rotate the hanger around the axises.
5. Click OK and the hangers are placed at the angles selected.