Placing a Hanger on a Connector

This task shows you how to place a hanger on a connector.



1. With your document open, click the Place Hanger button and then select the On Connector tab in the Hanger Placement dialog box that displays. If the Part Number field displays a hanger, make sure it is the hanger you want to use. If it is not, then click the Reset Tab Page button to clear the fields. 

2. If necessary, click the Open Catalog Browser button and select a part. In the example below, a Rigid U Bolt is selected.

3. You can normally see the connectors on the part by moving the mouse pointer over them. If your design is busy and the connectors are not clearly visible, then click the Display Part Connectors button, and select the part to display all connectors.

4. If you need to manipulate the hanger, enter a value in the Snap Angle field to set the degree of rotation of the plane manipulator.
5. Click on a connector. The hanger is placed.

6. The Flip Hanger button becomes available after the hanger is placed. This allows you to flip the hanger. If the hanger has other connectors, then each of these will be used in turn as you click the flip button. The connector on the part on which you are placing the hanger will remain the same.