Entering The Workbench

This task shows how to open a activate the FreeStyle Sketch Tracer workbench.

  1. Select the File -> New commands (or click New ).

    The New dialog box is displayed, allowing you to choose the type of the document you need.
  2. Select Product in the List of Types field and click OK.

    A CATProduct document opens.
    The use of a CATProduct-type document is especially useful to accommodate several sketches, one for each view for example, or one sketch for several parts (located in CATPart documents).
  3. Choose Sketch Tracer from the Start -> Shape menu.

    The FreeStyle Sketch Tracer workbench is loaded.
The FreeStyle Sketch Tracer workbench document is made of:
  • the specification tree and the geometry area in the main window
  • specific toolbar
  • a number of contextual commands available in the specification tree and in the geometry. Remember that these commands can also be accessed from the menu bar.

If you wish to use the whole screen space for the geometry, remove the specification tree clicking off the View -> Specifications menu item, or using the F3 key.
You could also directly choose Sketch Tracer from the Start -> Shape menu. It would automatically open a new CATProduct document, provided there already is a CATIA session running.