Copying/Pasting A Sketch

This task shows how to copy/paste an image within the same document or within another document.

Open the CarSideView.CATProduct document from the Samples directory,  select Sketch Tracer from the Start -> Shape menu, and expand the specification tree.

  1. Right-click Painting.1 from the specification tree and choose the Copy contextual item.

  2. Right-click Painting Gallery from the specification tree and choose the Paste contextual item.

    The copied Painting.1 feature is copied. 
    • You can copy images from a document to another just as well.

    • Within a given document you can obtain a symmetric image by copying/pasting an image, then using the Flip capability to invert the set frame in the copied image.

  3. Once the image has been copied in the Trim2.CATProduct document, double-click Painting.2 from the specification tree.

  4. Click the Flip text.

    The sketch axis is inverted.
  5. Click OK in the Sketch Parameters dialog box.

    The image is trimmed as specified and the resulting .CATProduct document containing both images now looks like this: