Behavior Extraction

In this task, you are going to extract a rib from a part. This might be done during the process of generating the mold for a part. When extracting the core and/or cavity to create the mold plates, it is sometimes helpful to exclude some features and then to machine them into the mold plates using a different process.
Open the Behavior_Extraction.CATPart document.



  1. Click the Behavior Extraction icon . Behavior Extraction dialog is displayed.

  2. Select Rib.1 under Solid Functional Set.1 as the Feature to extract.

  3. Click Change functional behavior to select it and select Added in the list.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Right-click on PartBody in the specification tree and select Hide/Show.

  6. Right-click on Body.1 in the specification tree and select Hide/Show.

  7. The resulting geometry in MoldModification (Functional Solid.2) can be used as starting geometry when generating the EMF sinker to modify the mold.

  8. Note that any changes to the target is propagated into the extracted feature. For example, right-click on RibSketch under PartBody and select Replace... in the contextual menu.

  9. Select StrongRibSketch and click OK.