Volumes Extraction (Protected)

The Volume Extraction command allows you to extract the geometry created by a body or feature into another body.

This command allows you to do two types of extractions:

  • protected volumes as illustrated in the scenario below
  • grill volume
Open the Volume_Extraction.CATPart document.



  1. Click the Volume Extraction icon and select the Protected volume extraction icon  , if not already selected.

  2. Extract Volumes dialog is displayed.

  3. Leave the default value, Body, in the Extract From field. The other value available in the drop down list is Features; this option is useful in a complex part where you do not want all the holes or protected volume, but only a selected sub-set of them.

  4. The Selection field is activated, select Body.1 that contains the geometry of Solid Functional Set.1.

  5. For the purpose of this scenario, if the Holes is selected, the extract volume will include Hole.1; if Protected is selected, the extract volume will include Protected Prism.2. Make sure Holes is selected and that Protected is not.

  6. Click the OK button.

  7. Right-click on PartBody and select Hide/Show. Also Right-click on Body.1 and select Hide/Show.

  8. The resulting geometry in Extract Body.2 (Solid Functional Set.2) can be used by an NC program to generate the drilling instructions to create the hole in the part.