Extraction Properties

In this task, you are going to create an Extraction Properties feature for later use in a Core Extraction feature and a Cavity Extraction feature. The Extraction Properties feature allows you to define whether the protected volumes of the part should contribute to the output of a subsequent Core Extraction feature or to the output of a subsequent Cavity Extraction feature.
Open the ExtractionProperties1.CATPart document.



  1. Right-click PartBody and select the Define In Work Object contextual command.
    The Extraction Properties feature being created will belong to the Functional Body of the In Work Object, in this case Solid Functional Set.1.

  2. Click on the Extraction Properties  icon .The Extraction Properties dialog box is displayed. The features that have protected volumes are listed.

  3. Select Protected Prism.3, then click on the left arrow to move it into the Core column.

  4. Click OK to create the Extraction Properties feature. Extraction Properties.1 has inserted in the specification tree.