Copying Bodies Including Functional Solids and Detailed Features

In this task, you are going to copy a functional solid from one CATPart document to another, then edit the initial geometry so as to see if those changes are reflected in the target document. This scenario shows you how the application harmonizes this type of ulterior modifications.
Open the Functional_Features1.CATPart document.



  1. Right-click Body.1 and select the Copy contextual command.
    The PartBody contains the geometry of Solid Functional Set.1.

  2. Open a new CATPart document and position the cursor anywhere in the specification tree.

  3. Select Edit -> Paste Special....
    The Paste Special dialog box that appears proposes three paste options:

    • As specified in Part document: the object is copied as well as its design specifications.

    • As Result With Link: the object is copied without its design specifications and the link is maintained between the reference and the copy.

    • As Result: the object is copied without its design specifications and there is no link between the reference and the copy.

  4. For our scenario, select the As Result With Link option if not already selected.

  5. Click OK to confirm.
    Solid Functional Set.1 is copied into the new document. You will notice that the specification tree displays it under the name of Solid.1. A cube represents this solid. 

  6. Return into the first document to edit the original geometry. For example, enlarge Sketch.1 which supports the shellable feature.

  7. Then, use the Part Design Edge Fillet command to fillet the lateral edge as shown:

  8. Take a look at the new document: the cube graphic symbol used for Solid.1 in the tree now contains a red cross. This means that the initial PartBody underwent transformations.

  9. To integrate the changes, you need to use the Synchronize contextual command. To do so, right-click Solid.1 object and apply the command.

    You can observe that the copy reflects the change: the shellable feature is enlarged and the new edge fillet is added.