Moving Features from a Solid Functional Set to Another One

This task shows you how to move features from one Solid Functional Set to another one.
Open a CATPart document containing a Functional Set including two features at least.
  1. From the specification tree, multi-select the functional features you want to move to a Functional Set belonging to a distinct Solid Functional Set. 

  2. Right-click and select Functional Set.x object > Change Functional Set.

  3. Select Functional Set.x as the new location for the selected features.


Multi-selecting the Features to Move

Change Functional Set applies to all features contained in a Solid Functional Set or a Functional Set. However, when multi-selecting features, keep in mind that your selection must include a consistent group of features: multi-selecting modifiers and not the features they modify leads to non-satisfactory results. Likewise, multi-selecting features modified by modifiers and not their modifiers themselves produces incorrect results. In these cases, the application issues a warning message informing you that the move operation can be done partially only.