The Chamfer command creates a chamfer by removing or adding a flat section from a selected edge to create a beveled surface between the two original faces common to that edge.

The command allows you to define the two types of Behavior modes:

  • Length1/Angle
  • Length1/Length2
Open the Chamfer.CATPart document.



  1. Click the Chamfer icon .
    The Chamfer Definition dialog box is displayed. Default options are Length1/Angle in the Mode field and Tangency in the Propagation field.

  2. Select the edge as shown below.


    Two propagation modes are available:

    • Tangency: tangencies are taken into account so as to fillet the entire edge and possible tangent edges.
    • Minimal: edges tangent to selected edges can be taken into account to some extent. The application continues creating the chamfer beyond the selected edge whenever it cannot do otherwise.
  3. Select Length1/Length2 Mode. Enter 10mm for Length 1 and 25mm for Length 2.

  4. Select OK in Chamfer Definition dialog box with Tangency propagation.