Fitting Join

Join element allows connecting a node and a face of an element.


join element

Physical property

pressure fitting

Mesh connectivity


Number of nodes

1 slave, n-1 masters

Degrees of freedom
(per node)

3 translations

Type of behavior


Mesh visualization:

The relations are obtains in the following way:

  1. Compute the projection of the slave node (N1) on the surface defined by n-1 master nodes.
  2. Interpolate the displacement of the projected point (P) using the shape functions of the face defined by the master nodes.
  3. Link the translations normal to the direction given by the property (or direction ) according to rigid body equations.
  4. Impose a minimum clearance between the slave node (N1) and the projected point (P) in the direction given by the property.

The projected point (P) is a conceptual point, that means it is never created. The displacement of this point is always expressed in terms of displacement of the master nodes through interpolation.