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Entering the 3D Functional Tolerancing and Annotation Workbench

Choosing the Standard

Creating Annotation Texts

Creating a Simple Datum

Creating Datum Targets

Creating a Geometrical Tolerance

Filtering Annotations

Disabling 3D Annotations

Accessing the Set Properties

User Tasks

Choosing a Standard

Using the Tolerancing Advisor

Introducing the Tolerancing Advisor

Dimensioning and Tolerancing Threads

Creating Datum on Non-Canonical Surfaces

Tolerancing Body in White

Creating a Datum and Datum Targets

Creating Dimensions and Associated Datums

Creating a Datum Reference Frame

Tolerancing Body in White Holes

Tolerancing Body in White Surface

Creating Annotations

Creating Texts

Creating Flag Notes

Adding an Attribute Link

Creating Datums

Creating Datum Targets

Creating Geometrical Tolerances

Creating Roughness Symbols

Creating Isolated Annotations

Creating Dimensions

Setting Dimension Representations

Creating Angular Dimensions

Creating Framed Basic Dimensions

Positioning Dimension Anchor Points on Geometries of Revolution

Creating Coordinate Dimensions

Creating Stacked Dimensions

Creating Cumulated Dimensions

Lining Up Dimensions (Free)

Lining Up Dimensions (Reference)

Creating Curvilinear Dimensions

Generating Dimensions

Instantiating a Note Object Attribute

Creating a Restricted Area

Creating a Deviation

Creating a Correlated Deviation

Creating a Distance Between Two Points

Creating Annotations on Part Instances

Managing Annotations

Selecting Annotation/Annotation Plane

Displaying Annotation in the Normal View

Moving Annotations

Transferring Existing Annotations

Transferring Annotations During Creation

Grouping Annotations During Creation

Grouping Annotations Automatically

Grouping and Ordering Annotations

Making the Position of a Text Associative

Making the Orientation of a Text Associative

Marking Non-semantic Annotations

Setting Annotation Parallel to the Screen

Replacing a Datum Reference Frame

Using a 3D Grid

Managing Annotation Leaders

Adding Leaders and Using Breakpoints

Editing the Shape of an End Manipulator

Moving the End Manipulator of a Leader

Adding the All Around Symbol

Setting Perpendicular a Leader

Adding an Interruption Leader

Managing Graphical Properties

Setting Basic Graphical Properties

Setting Advanced Graphical Properties

Setting Graphical Properties as Default

Copying Graphical Properties

Managing Annotations Display

Mirroring Annotations

Disabling/Enabling Annotations

Filtering Annotations

Creating a Tolerancing Capture

Naming a Tolerancing Capture

Displaying a Tolerancing Capture

Managing Hide/Show in Captures

Managing Tolerancing Capture Options

Using the Capture Management

Managing 3D Annotations in 3D XML Files

Propagating Geometry Selection for Feature Creation

View/Annotation Planes

Using a View/Annotation Plane

Creating a Front View

Creating a Section View/Annotation Plane

Creating a Section Cut View/Annotation Plane

Creating an Aligned Section View/Section Cut

Creating an Offset Section View/Section Cut

Activating a View/Annotation Plane

Editing View/Annotation Plane Properties

Managing View/Annotation Plane Associativity

Clipping Annotations Plane

Migrating Version 4 Data

Creating Note Object Attributes

Note Object Attribute From a Text

Note Object Attribute From a Ditto

Storing a Note Object Attribute into a Catalog

Managing Annotation Connections

Using the Scope Range

Adding Geometry

Adding Components

Re-specifying Geometry Canonicity

Reporting Annotations

Generating a Check Report

Customizing the Reporting

Annotation Associativity

Creating an Automatic Default Annotation

Querying 3D Annotations

Replacing geometrical elements

Managing Power Copies

Creating Power Copies

Instantiating Power Copies

Saving Power Copies into a Catalog


Providing Constructed Geometry for 3D Annotations

Creating an Automatic Constructed Geometry

Managing Constructed Geometry

Creating Threads using Thread Representation or Constructed Geometry Creation


Optimal CATIA PLM Usability for Functional Tolerancing and Annotation

Working with the Assembly Requirements Model

Workbench Description

Functional Tolerancing and Annotation Menu Bar

Annotations Toolbar

Annotation Set Structure in Specification Tree

Dimension Properties Toolbar

Numerical Properties Toolbar

Reporting Toolbar

Style Toolbar

Text Properties Toolbar

Position and Orientation Toolbar

Views/Annotation Planes Toolbar

Visualization Toolbar

Note Object Attribute Toolbar

3D Grid Toolbar

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Geometry for 3D Annotations Toolbar

Deviations Toolbar (Compact)

Tools Palette

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Constructed Geometry





View/Annotation Plane

Cache Management for CATProduct and CATProcess Document

Cgr Management for 3D Annotation

Checking the Operation When Renaming

Highlighting of the Related Geometry for 3D Annotation

Exporting the 3D Annotation

Reference Information


Dimension Tolerance Display

Dimension Numerical Display

Semantic Support

Normative References

Principles and Fundamental Rules for Geometrical Tolerancing

Geometrical Tolerancing

Symbols for Geometrical Tolerances

Symbols for Modifiers

Datum Principles


3D Annotations and View/Annotation Planes

Non-semantic and Semantic Usage

Note Object Attribute

Semantic Annotation on Projected Geometries

3D Functional Tolerancing and Annotation Feature Properties

Tolerancing and Annotations Properties

View Properties

3D Annotation Properties

Dimension Texts Properties

Value Properties

Tolerance Properties

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Text Graphical Properties

Text Properties Toolbar

Dimension Units

Statistic Laws

Normal Law

Uniform Law

Constant Law

Pearson Law

Poisson Law

Snedecor Law

Version 4 Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing Data Migration

Annotations and Cache System

Engineering Symbols