Setting Advanced Graphical Properties 

This task shows you how to set graphical properties from the Properties dialog box for a textual annotation.
Note that the operating mode described here is valid for datum elements, datum targets and geometrical tolerances too.
Open the Annotations_Part_04.CATPart document:
  1. Select the annotation text.

  2. Right click and select the Properties contextual menu.

  1. Select the Font tab and set the Character Ratio to 50%.

The Font tab is dedicated to several options defining the font.
These options are the same as the ones available from the Text Properties toolbar, except for the color you can assign.
  1. Click Apply.

    The text is modified accordingly.
  2. Select the Text tab and set the Thickness option to 2.00 mm to make the leader more visible.

The options available let you edit the position of your text as well as the leader properties but not the arrow, see Editing the Shape of an End Manipulator.
  1. Click OK.

    The text leader is modified accordingly.