Making the Orientation of a Text Associative 

This task shows you how to set an orientation link between a text and another element.
This allows you to rotate several annotations in only one interaction.
Open the Annotations_Part_04.CATPart CATPart document.
  1. Right-click the slave text (text itself, frame or leader) and select the Annotation Links > Create Orientation Link contextual menu.

  2. Select the master text (text itself, frame or leader).

    An information popup appears to warn you that the slave text is now at the master elevation.
Master and slaves texts must belong to the same active view and associated geometrical element.

  1. Select the Free rotation icon:

  1. Rotate the master text: both texts are rotating with the same angle.

  2. Now, if you rotate the slave text you selected, this annotation is not rotated.

To delete the associativity, right-click the slave text and select the Annotation Links > Delete Orientation Link contextual menu.