Creating Isolated Annotations

This task shows you how to create isolated annotations, i.e. annotations that are not linked to any geometry.
You can create the following types of isolated annotations:
  • Text
  • Text with Leader
  • Text Parallel to Screen
  • Flag Note
  • Flag Note with Leader
  • Datum Element
  • Datum Target
  • Geometrical Tolerance
  • Roughness
  • Note Object Attribute (Instantiated from Catalog Browser)
Open the Annotations_Part_04.CATPart document.
  1. Select the Front View.1 annotation plane.

  2. Click an annotation creation icon, for example the Text icon:

  3. Click anywhere in the free space (not on the geometry).

  1. The Text Editor dialog box is displayed.

  2. Type your text and then click OK.

    The text is created in the specified annotation plane. You can now select it and drag it anywhere: it will remain in the annotation plane.
    The note entity, Text.4, is added to the specification tree. A specific mask identifies this annotation as being isolated.
  • Creating isolated dimensions is not possible.
  • Isolated annotations are not semantic. You cannot convert them to semantic annotations.
  • If you add a leader to an isolated annotation, or if you create an isolated annotation with leader (such as a text with leader or a flag note with leader), this leader will not be associative.