Creating Series Annotations

This task shows you how to generate and create a 3D functional annotation attached to a series of fasteners (in our scenario, we have selected a spot point).

Open the ABF_AllTypeFast_02.CATProduct document.

  1. Click BiW Weld Series Annotations in the BiW Annotations toolbar.

    The BiW Weld Series Annotation dialog box is displayed.
  2. Select the parameters as follows:

    • Field 1: (BiW Joint Body)[number of fasteners]

    • Field 2: Robustness
    • Field 3: Geometry Flag
    • Field 4: Diameter
    • Field 5: Joined Zone Names and Thickness Count            
  3. Select a spot point in the 3D geometry or in the specification tree.

    The Welding creation dialog box opens and displays the parameters you have just defined:
  4. Click OK to create the annotation.

    It also appears in the specification tree under the Annotations Set.x node. You can notice that an annotation plane is created too.