Specifying Temporary External Storage

This task shows how to specify a temporary data directory for the CATAnalysis stored data and computation results.

During an analysis session, current data is stored in a temporary directory.

The Save operation makes current data become persistent by saving it from the temporary data directory into two result computation storage files. As a result, current changes do not alter previously loaded results and computations data unless you perform a Save operation.

The temporary data directory is cleared each time the related analysis session is closed.

The default settings for the temporary data directory is the temporary directory of your computer. Due to the important disk space generally required for analysis computations, it is highly recommended that you change default settings by specifying a new temporary directory.

Open the sample01.CATAnalysis document from the samples directory.

  1. Click the Temporary External Storage icon .

    The Temporary External Storage dialog box appears.

  2. If needed, click the Modify button.

    The Selection dialog box appears.

  3. Select the desired temporary external storage directory and then click OK in the Selection dialog box.

    The selected path name is visualized in the Temporary External Storage dialog box. 

  4. Click OK.

    Both CATAnalysis stored data and computation results files can now be accessed from the directory you previously defined.