Inserting a Static Constrained Case

This task shows you how to insert a new Static Constrained Case.

Inserting a New Static Constrained Case allows you to create a restraint set (new or reference to an existing one).

Only available with the ELFINI Structural Analysis (EST) product.

Open the sample04.CATAnalysis document from the samples directory.

  1. Select Insert > Static Constrained Modes .

    The Static Constrained Modes dialog box appears.

    • Restraints:
      • New: allows you to create a new restraints set that will be empty.
      • Reference: allows you to choose an existing restraints set as reference.
    • Hide existing analysis cases: allows you to hide the analysis cases that have been previously created.
  2. Click OK in the Static Constrained Modes dialog box.

    A Static Constrained Modes feature appears in the specification tree.