Data Mapping

This test lets you check data mapping in thermal loading. Determine the restraint on a point of a 3D structure on which is applied a temperature gradient varying according to the coordinates of the structure.


NAFEMS, Background to Benchmarks. Edited by G.A.O. Davis, R.T. Fenner et R.W. Lewis. Test n°LE11 Solid cylinder/Taper/Sphere-Temperature p85.



Geometry Specifications

Analysis Specifications

Young Modulus (material):
E = 2.1 x 1011 Pa

Poisson's Ratio (material):
ν = 0.3

Thermal Expansion Coefficient:
α= 2.3 x 10-4/° K

Mesh Specifications:
Size = 100 mm

Restraints (User-defined):

  • On face A (xz plane) Tz = 0
  • On face B (yz plane) Tx = 0
  • On face C and D Tz = 0


Thermal loading is realized thanks to a Data Mapping of coordinates of element centers.



The analytic solution is:



Computed value


-105.0 MPa

-106.4 MPa

To Perform the Test:

The data_mapping_thermo.CATAnalysis document presents the complete analysis of this case, computed with a linear hexahedron elements.

To compute the case, proceed as follow:

  1. Open the CATAnalysis document.

  2. Compute the case in the Generative Structural Analysis workbench.