Swapping Graphic

This task explains how the electrical continuity is managed on a special component: the switch.
Open a document containing a switch associated to an annotation.
The annotation is linked to a property of the switch: Elec_Continuity.
Elec_Continuity is a Boolean attribute that indicates if there is electrical continuity (the value is true) or not (the value is false).
Two graphic representations have been associated to this switch:
  • SwitchOpen where the switch is open and the electrical continuity value is false
  • SwitchClosed where the switch is closed and the electrical continuity value is true.

Swapping the graphic representation changes the value of the property on the switch.

  1. Right-click the switch to display the contextual menu and select the Swap Graphic command.

    The Swap Graphic dialog box opens. The active representation is selected.
  2. Select the other graphic representation.

    The Swap Graphic dialog box closes and the diagram is updated:
    • The new representation for SwitchClosed is displayed (squared representation)
    • The annotation linked to the switch property is updated from false (SwitchOpen) to true (SwitchClosed) driven by the property value.
You can check the switch value in the Properties dialog box: