Defining Protection Products

This task explains how to define a more flexible type of protective covering: the protection product.
This functionality is available in the Electrical Assembly Design workbench only
  1. Click Define Protection Product  in the Internal Protection Management toolbar.
    The Define Protection Product dialog box is displayed:

  2. Enter a Name.

  3. Select the Type of protection product.
    There are four types of protection products to choose from:
    • Fixed Diameter: this protection product has a non-modifiable diameter.

    • Adaptive Diameter: this protection product has a diameter that automatically adapts to the bundle segment diameter.
    • Corrugated tube: this protection product is a fixed diameter, tube type of protection product.

    • Tape: this protection product is an adaptive diameter type of protection product that can cover bundle segments with several layers.


  4. Set the parameters in the Parameter Definition section.

  5. Select the Line type from the drop-down list.

  6. Optionally, you can select the No line type option.
    • The No line type check box is disabled by default.
    • If this option is selected, the protection is drawn in double line (projection) mode in the drawing, and the Line type drop-down list is disabled.
    • If this option is cleared, the protection will be drawn according to the line type selected in the Line type drop-down list.

  7. Click OK.

In order to edit a protection product located beneath another protection product, it can be selected in the specification tree, or using the Preselection Navigator tool.